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Perspectives from the Podium uses the leadership models and lessons of an orchestra

to inspire leaders and create positive, creative work environments

Perspectives from the Podium

Workshops and topics are available in a range of lengths including a small pitch, 2 hours or full day. 


Sample topics include: 

Effective Communication

Streamlining communication chains and methods of communication by examining the role of the conductor, concertmaster, principle players and more.   This workshop additionally looks at the ways we communicate without words - how our gestures, eye contact and other non-verbal communications impact the work environment and our connection.

Putting the Music First

Focusing on shared goals as a way to overcome obstacles, this workshop explores how putting the creation and job above ego and personal motives can create a better product.

Individual Expression Within a Shared Vision

This workshop explores how to create an environment where individual ideas, risks and talents are nurtured and developed while framed within shared goals and expression.

The Power of Time Management

Using time wisely, being prepared, communicating clearly with as few words as possible, and the importance of honesty are all explored. 

The Value of Diverse Voices

A look at how a commitment to listening to diverse voices strengthens the value of one's work.  Case studies of effective partnerships and programming of people of color, women and diverse cultures will be explored.  

For more information on these workshops contact Kelly.

“If conductor Kelly Corcoran weren't a musician,

one imagines she might have become a corporate entrepreneur.”
- John Pitcher, Nashville Scene

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